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Komission puheenjohtaja Barrosolle

Lehtitiedon mukaan pääministeri Matti Vanhanen on kutsuttu kertomaan Suomen lamakokemuksista ja taantuman torjuntakeinoista EU:n komissiolle. Vanhaselta toivotaan erityisesti katsausta siihen, kuinka Suomi selvisi 1990-luvun lamasta ja Suomen kokemuksista muun muassa pankkisektorin elvyttämisessä.
Ajattelin antaa oman kokemusperäisen tiedon EU:nkomission käyttöön ja näin helpottaa pääministeri Vanhasen työtä. Tässä avoin kirjeeni EU:n komission puheenjohtajalle.

President of European Komission Jose Manuel Barroso

Dear Sir
You are interested about the Finnish economic crisis of the 1990´s. The economic experiences of Finland in the second half of 1980`s and through 1990`s have been dramatic.

The matter of “massacre” in Finland In early 1990’s was a result of government’s “Steady Markka” policy. Finland went through a period of great economic depression. This policy was the cause of unemployment for over 500,000 Finnish citizens. In addition the policy resulted in over 280,000 people being burdened with debts far greater than their incomes and approximately 60,000 productive and viable companies ceased to exist. According to the statistics published by the Stakes over 14,500 suicides were committed during that period.

The “Steady Markka” policy was an official government program adopted by both Harri Holkeri’s and Esko Aho’s cabinets. During the “Steady Markka” policy a lot of money was made available for market manipulation and unfortunately the society allowed it to happen. People responsible for safeguarding and especially the office of “Rahoitustarkastus” (government’s department responsible for financial markets) simply failed to take appropriate action. There are a lot of guilty parties for this period of great depression in various organizations including “Suomen Pankki” (Bank of Finland) and “Pankkitarkastusvirasto” (the office responsible for regulating Finland’s banking industry). Finland’s depression of 1990’s was a result of poor choices made by the political and economical policy makers.

I have been fighting for justice against the Finnish government for over 13 years, after having been one of victims of Arsenal Oy’s betrayal. At the time of sale, I was not made aware of secured assets of 48 million and as a result I have suffered tremendous financial losses (at the present my personal claim against Finnish government is Euro 154 million) and great deal of mental anguish and suffering. Finnish Police is refusing to investigate, the prosecutor is refusing to prosecute and legal courts do not see anything illegal in the actions of related parties. The Courts make knowingly wrong decisions. In my legal battles the prosecutor has always been Sulo Heiskari. I have suffered from multiple wrong decisions from various Courts, which I have been forced to bear. But according to the statistics published by the /Stakes/, 14,500 victims did not have the strength to continue fighting the criminal actions of the government of Finland and decided that the suicide was their only option.

You can find more information about the economic crises in Finnish language from
pankkikriisi and oikeuslaitos ja poliisi

Erkki Aho
Plassintie 39 A 3
85100 Kalajoki

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